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Occupational Health Services

At Business and Health Consultancy we know that one business is not like the next and offer an individual approach. We listen to your needs and propose the best way forward providing expert advice to enable you to manage your business comfortably.

Business and Health Consultancy is SEQOHS accredited.



Pre-Placement Assessment

Ensure a good start of your employees with a medical assessment to make sure the workplace is suitable and be aware if there are adaptions required to perform the role. Assessments are compliant with the Equality Act on Disability.


Sickness Absence Assessment

Sickness absence is costly and frustrating for the business and the employee. Get an occupational health medical assessment to be able to get an idea of the expected return to work date and what adaptations can enable a return at an earlier point.


Return to Work Plan

Medical condition with prolonged absence are likely to require a return to work plan. 

Get professorial advice on the best adaptations helpful to facilitate the return to work.

Workplace Assessment

The best workplaces are adapted to the users needs to facilitate best performance. 

Workplaces using ergonomic standards minimise any negative impact on health.

This includes assessments for medical conditions as well as for pregnancy.

Health Surveillance

To comply with Laws and Regulations regular Health Surveillance medicals are required. 

This applies for workplaces with noise, chemical exposures to the lung or skin, and many more. 

Get the appropriate medical done by the specialist.


Performance issues

We know that medical issues are often not diagnosed and can first come to light due to performance issues at work. This includes physical impairments, mental health issues or alternative ways of learning and processing of information. 
Get an assessment with a fully qualified medical doctor.  

Ill Health Retirement

Every working life will come to an end eventually. For some people this point in life comes earlier than planned due to ill health.

Get a medical assessment to evaluate if pension criteria are met. 


Health Promotion

The approach to health is to prevent illness before it starts. Health promotion activities are ideal to support information and ideas about healthy living.

Choose between customised medicals for individuals or training provision for groups.


Do I need occupational health?

Occupational Health can provide medical expert advice to comply with laws and regulations, ensuring a good working environment for employees to perform to their best abilities.

If you need an occupational health needs assessment please get in touch with us.

Why Occupational Health? Why Business and Health Consultancy?

Occupational Health is closing the gap between business management and the need of workplace adaptions to adjust for medical requirements. Get the expect advice from Business and Health Consultancy.

We have over 15 years of experience, having provided valuable support to small and medium sized businesses as well as multinationals. 

Business and Health Consultancy has worked with businesses from different industry sectors like the financial industry, teaching, retail, manufacturing, service industry, cleaning, health and social care, food production, energy sector, Unions, charities and many more.

We are not part of the NHS or publicly funded. All services are funded by the fees for service provisions. All assessments are carried out as private medicals and need to be paid for privately.

We offer fixed contract or pay-as-you-use. Choose what suits you best!

Get in touch with us to move forward!

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Corona safe

To keep the risk of infection to a minimum we do currently conduct medical assessments via telephone or video calls. This is suitable to be conducted without leaving the house and travel on public transport.

We offer face-to-face assessments. Each of the assessments will require a risk assessment before it takes place to keep infections as low as possible. Based on the risk assessment further protective measures will be used depending on circumstances.

We offer additional online services via online occupational health questionnaires which are evaluated by experienced health professionals.

Choose your preferred option:

  • Telephone
  • Video 
  • Face-to-Face
  • Online

Face-to-face assessments are primarily carried out in the workplace to be aware of the working environment.

In some circumstances attending work might not be suitable for the employee and we can offer to see them at our consulting rooms. As this would involve travel, the employee needs to be fit and safe to do so.

Contact us to assess the best way forward.

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